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* New Product Spotlight

The Faucet Glove is the ultimate sprayer attachment, great for personal and pet grooming!

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bright idea

"The Faucet Glove"
for the tub!

Finally, a sprayer attachment that actually fits right AND works great! Introducing The Faucet Glove, for the tub, a fantastic new product invention designed to fit over the entire bathtub faucet and being made of Neoprene, it fits, "Like A Glove" :)

The Faucet Glove is simple to use and provides a handheld sprayer at the end of a flexible 8' hose with plenty of pressure, great for personal and pet grooming. You can also add the included brush attachment for a more thorough and therapeutic grooming experience.

The Faucet Glove is currently in pre production and projected to be in select stores and online for purchase summer 2014 but click here to let us know you wish to reserve The Faucet Glove for yourself!

Reserve The Faucet Glove now for just $19.95 + $4.95 s&h OR reserve 2 or more get FREE Shipping!

*We will honor all reserve order pricing regardless of final retail price!

*UPDATE* April 2014 We will have final design CAD images up very soon! AND We changed the name! As we are getting closer to launch (woo hoo) the decision was made to go from The Tub Glove to The Faucet Glove.

We are very excited by the overwhelming anticipation of The Faucet Glove! We will email all reserve customers when The Faucet Glove is ready for ordering.

Take care, be well and remember! If you share the news of The Faucet Glove with others, find you, good fortune will!


JR & Tika :)