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* New Product Spotlight

The Faucet Glove™ is the ultimate sprayer attachment, great for personal and pet grooming!

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The Faucet Glove™

Finally, a bathtub faucet sprayer attachment that actually fits right AND works great!

Introducing The Faucet Glove™ A fantastic new sprayer attachment that will forever change the way you bath your pet! Designed to fit over the entire faucet and being made of neoprene, it fits like a glove!

The Faucet Glove™ is simple to use with a handheld sprayer at the end of a flexible, permanently attached, 8' hose providing plenty of water pressure. 

You can also clip on the flexible rubber brush attachment for a more thorough and therapeutic grooming experience. The brush provides a stimulating massage and is perfect for rinsing away dander and loose hair. Your pet will love it!

The Faucet Glove™ is currently in the design and testing stages. We are projected to be in private pet stores and online for purchase by the end of 2014 but Email Us to reserve one from the 1st batch for yourself!

*UPDATE* July 2014 We now have the 2nd glove prototype and I also launched a kickstarter project to get the wheels moving faster! I would love for you to join us. Help us hit our goal and get The Faucet Glove at a discount price!


We will email all reserve customers when The Faucet Glove™ is ready for ordering unless you join us on Kickstarter in which case you are notified of all progress until completion and launch!

Take care, be well and remember...

If you share the news of The Faucet Glove™ with others, find you, good fortune will!


JR & Tika :)